Timberland Turnover, Timber REIT Returns and a Forest Finance Refresher

Posted by Forisk.com

The timberland market continues to generate a steady diet of deals to review. Through year-end 2017, there were nearly 1.8 million acres of publicly announced, completed timberland transactions in the United States exceeding 1,000 acres in size. Regionally, most of the volume in both acres and deal count occurred in the South. While deals accounting for 538,000 of these acres were “multi-region” packages, 32% of the 1.8 million acres were “South only.” TIMOs accounted for 55% of the acres sold and 69% of total acres acquired in 2017. Of this volume, over 1.4 million acres of institutional timberlands changed hands in deals exceeding 20,000 acres each.

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