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See the forest for the trees.

Forestry plays an important role in buying, selling, and managing timberland. Commonwealth Land clients have unique access to our in-house forestry consultants, Broadleaf Forestry. With 33 years collective experience, the Broadleaf team offers forest management, timber sales, and due-diligence services so that clients can best manage their individual resources.

Forest Management

No two timberland investments are the same. Our proven forest management practices provide the information, accuracy, and forecasting needed to make both immediate and long-term investment decisions. To ensure our clients’ goals are met, we utilize:

  • Advanced technology and tools 
  • Data collection
  • Analysis and reporting
Forest land
Cut timber and excavator

Timber Sales

Timberland sales are higher when using a forestry management service like Broadleaf. That’s because we have an expert understanding of every detail that needs to be considered along the way. Our process includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Appraisal
  • Harvest & Monitoring
  • Reforestation 

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We’re prepared to help clients every step of the way, from forestry management to land sales and acquisitions. Let’s talk more about your needs and how we can help today.

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